Webdesign Course

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The internet is continuing to expand in commercial, academic and social circles as a means of communicating, advertising, publishing and distributing information. Companies now also require in house personnel to continually update and improve their websites. The Diploma in Web Design will give students a far deeper understanding of the web and learning to build their own websites using HTML will give students far better control over the development of corporate and/or their own websites.

Programme Aims and Objectives

Using current design software, this course is aimed at people with good computer skills who may have little or no knowledge of the web and who wish to develop, design and launch a website. Windows skills are assumed but no previous web skills are required. The programme provides a basic understanding of HTML.

On completion of this course, students will have acquired the skills to:

  • Search for, evaluate, and use information from the Internet

  • Read and edit HTML

  • Use style sheets to maintain a consistent look to web pages

  • Integrate images into their web pages

  • Plan and design a complete website including content, page layouts, site map, user-friendly navigation and other features

  • Demonstrate good web design techniques

  • Discuss search engine marketing

  • Use other similar graphics editing software to create/edit and optimise graphics for the web

  • Create special effects with their own graphic images

  • Optimise images for export to the web and between tools

  • Understand different web graphic formats and their limitations.

Why Study Web Design & Development at Topsia Website Designs

The Certificate in Web Design & Development is conducted on a part-time basis over a 10-week period. This course is for any individuals wishing to develop a web-site including, professional designers familiar with Desktop Publishing or Graphics software needing to get to grips with this powerful web design tool.

  • You will learn to build a multi-frame layout using style sheets and introduces layers, templates and libraries.
  • You will master innovative software tools crucial for web design including HTML, CSS, Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
  • You will gain an awareness of web publishing best practices including SEO and meta data.
  • Option to further your studies in this area by pursuing the Diploma in Dynamic Web Applications Development course.